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Health is a journey, a journey, often tortuous or difficult at times, that each of us takes
in a unique and personal way.
No two paths are identical, because no two people are identical,
in the same way, everyone travels this journey at their own pace and time.
Natural medicine or naturopathy is inspired by the holistic vision of the body and the person;
it represents the identification and synthesis of approaches to the health of the individual, natural and global,
which are linked to the great traditions of Eastern medicines and Western research.
The term "holistic" indicates an approach that is aimed at perceiving the individual
in its totality and unity of body, mind and energy and not the sum of its physical or psychic parts,
more or less sick and therefore to be “healed”.
A more aware view of the person helps health processes and
it activates the person to "become an accomplice" in his recovery.


Evaluation and Treatment in

Natural Medicine

Natural medicine offers the possibility of observing and evaluating the person in his dimensions: biological, energetic and emotional, through a global anamnesis of the state of health, kinesiological tests, facial examination and to identify suitable and specific treatments for the person. The use of products such as food supplements, phytotherapy and Bach flowers are a valid aid in preventing diseases, promoting good health and working on a specific problem.

The support, balancing and drainage applied to the body stimulate biological and physiological processes. Disorders that can benefit from colitis, gastritis, headaches, sinusitis, pain and all those chronic or seasonal malaise and psychosomatic disorders.​





· The bioenergetic treatment, through an expressive massage and the "word essence" creates a flexible psycho-corporeal technique and helps improve the person's potential, access to the regeneration of one's physical and inner resources. The massage technique coordinates, modulates and strengthens the energies and integrates the areas of the body for muscle relaxation and lengthening, for a modulation of posture and gestures.

Bioenergetic techniques and integrated Gestalt dialogue determine a facilitated condition for a reworking of pain and psychosomatic imbalance.

What makes us function and live well is the experience of living "HERE AND NOW" and bodily listening.




The Natural Fujon method is research, experience dedicated to the person, through the fusion of acupressure stimulations in acupuncture points, bioenergetic techniques and different integrated massage methods.

This business meeting is global, harmonious, flexible and personalized. Body contact and communication lead to an intimate awareness of our abilities, an improvement in muscle health in a state of bioenergetic balance and a reduction in stress levels.